White Petroleum Jelly


Chosen for its high purity and superior quality, SpL's white petroleum jelly facilitates the needle's movements over the skine.


Body Cream


A soft, moisturizing, repairing, elasticizing, firming emulsion. Extremely rich in powerful active ingredients, its toning, reinvigorating effects can be felt at once, in its earliest applications.


Ice gel


A unique gel offering an intense refreshing, decongesting, skin-desensitizing action. For professional use only. Do not use on the face, nipples, or intimate parts.




A hydrolyte containing 99% natural active ingredients, with powerful keratolytic, moisturizing, replenishing, and healing properties. It acts deeply to revitalize the skin's epithelial cell turnover.


Dermo Regulator


This alcohol-free hydrolate performs an excellent anti-reddening action and helps to regulate the pH of the skin's hydrolipidic film thanks to the decongesting, dermo-regulating properties of its active ingredients.


Keratin Oil


This skin-perfecting oil boasts a high concentration of natural active ingredients (93%), which foster a bio-restorative process that follows and respects the skin's physiological mechanisms to counteract the biological changes that cause premature aging of the skin.


Cleansing lotion


Eliminates impurities from the skin. Removes grease, dust and dead skin cells, the sebum produced by the skin. Suitable for skin tattooed and for cleaning the area to be tattooed. Do not use make-up removal of the eyes.



The modern and most advanced cosmetology at your service. Professional products with active and selected and proven



Yellow Cream


Recommended for coloured tattoos. A natural formula containing soy derivatives and panthenol.

Black Cream


Recommended for black tattoos and deeply injected pigments. Contains a high % of panthenol, a soothing agent that fosters healing.


for professional use

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